Leisure facilities for hotels and campgrounds: differential, experiential and sustainable

The great generational change that can be seen in the expectations of the hotel and campsite client is one of the most outstanding characteristics of the sector. Today’s child does not have the same demands as ten years ago, nor do adolescents or adults. Therefore, when it comes to thinking about the range of leisure facilities and equipment we want for our establishment, the first thing we have to take into account is that children do not play in the same way they used to, nor do teenagers have the same leisure activities they did a decade ago, nor do adults have the same demands for their enjoyment. This means that, in order to make our investment profitable, it is essential to be differential.

To achieve this, you need a leisure space that meets expectations and surprises both adults and children, which implies fulfilling another of the secrets of success: to be experiential, so that the person enjoys a unique experience that surprises them. And all this while maintaining the goal of sustainability, with materials that are designed to be safe, environmentally friendly and reusable.

Types of installations

What can we offer in these entertainment and leisure spaces? We have three alternatives:

Sport-based leisure. Versatile and multidisciplinary solutions, for use by all generations and genders, are one of the best options. But the design of sports spaces must be supported by some kind of technology, such as an application that supports the user to perform the exercises in a directed way but without the need for a monitor, which generates attention and user experience. This is the case of the Airfit brand, outdoor sports centers and spaces managed by a mobile application in which the user knows exactly how to exercise thanks to the app’s indications: the user arrives at the sports area, scans a QR code and downloads the application, where he can see the different machines in front of him and what exercises he can do.


Leisure based on dry play. To offer a differential leisure, the key are spaces integrated to the concept of the hotel or campsite, unifying the colors of the brand and the criteria of use, combined for the different ages of children. Product designs are modern, with highly sustainable materials, and the aim is to create a surprise effect even with small products, not only in large installations.

Instalaciones de ocio hoteles camping


Leisure based on water play. It requires a great analysis of the ages of use, the locations of the spaces and areas of water resources that demand a careful design. It is essential not to replicate experiences that have already been done elsewhere. That is why this sector grows annually in models and product offerings that can provide the customer with useful but different experiences.

Instalaciones de ocio hoteles camping


What investment does it require?

Leisure can be adapted to the budget of each company. Even with modest budgets we can offer updated, modern leisure spaces that generate user satisfaction. Logically, the greater the investment, the greater the surprise effect, and the greater the expectation and experience. But with a tight budget it is also possible to make interesting and striking proposals for today’s public.

However, in order to achieve this, it is essential to seek advice from a specialized, solvent and experienced company, since the investment made without consultation will eventually have the same price as consulting, and it is quite possible that, without proper advice, the customer is missing the opportunity to have something new.

At Savia Proyectos we design taking into account the regulations, the durability of the product, the type of experience that can be given in these facilities and the return on investment.

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