Dual Training: Interview with Sión Palmer Pérez, internship student at Savia Proyectos

At Savia Proyectos we are committed to reducing social inequalities. That is why we signed a Dual Training contract that is part of the Reactivation Plan of the Balearic Islands to improve the employability of people after the harsh crisis caused by the pandemic. Sión Palmer Pérez is one of the students who is doing an internship with us as a carpentry assistant.

What led you to choose woodworking training?

I practiced a little at home and saw that I could get great things out of four pieces of wood. That’s why I decided to expand my knowledge and get to create things with my hands.


Do you think it is essential that your training is also practical?

Yes, of course. It is necessary to learn how to use the machines, the protection, the use of all machinery to prevent accidents, to know exactly what each machine is for and to know how to handle them.


Could you explain what your work at Savia Proyectos consists of?

What I am seeing is quite broad. Desde montar techos y pérgolas a proyectos grandes en los que entran por ejemplo colocación de vigas en viviendas, que es lo que estamos haciendo ahora, y un montón de cosas más. My job is to support the foreman, now as an assistant. I am learning from how the project is initiated to how it is carried out.


Did you have previous experience in the industry?

No professional experience, but I had done small things at home, such as shelves. In addition, with a friend and my ex-partner we camperized a van from scratch. We made the whole skeleton with battens, lined it and made all the cabinets, bed and so on. That’s what made me decide to go into this sector.


Do you think this internship helps you develop the skills to be able to work as a carpentry assistant?

Yes, because being on the job you see all the failures that can occur and what you have to foresee before the end of everything, and it is something that if there is not a path or a run-in you don’t learn, no matter how much they explain it to you.


Would you recommend the experience?

Of course, because until you try it and do it with your hands, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. They can explain it to you but until you are doing it you don’t really know it and that is one of the advantages of Dual Training.


What aspects of your job do you find most rewarding?

Seeing the finished work. To see a site where there was nothing, or there were four sticks, and then to see a structure or a house or any finished project that you have done yourself, and with your hands, is what I find most gratifying.


Would you like your future career to be developed in companies like Savia Proyectos?

I have not worked in any other carpentry company, but the truth is that since I came to interview for the dual training, it caught my attention. I interviewed at five other carpentry shops, and honestly this company was the one I liked the most because of the wide variety of projects they have. And yes, I would like my future career to be in companies like this.


What advice would you give to future interns?

They should be attentive, pay attention to everything that is done, to all the details, and learn a lot. The truth is that, although we were taught to use all the machines in a workshop and we did several projects, here you are doing it in a real construction site, where although you have measurements and parameters, there are always changes, you have to know how to correct them and know how to see them, overcome unforeseen events that you have not contemplated, you learn above all to do that.


What values would you highlight about our company?

I have only been here a short time but there is very good camaraderie, you work very well, with good schedules… But above all I would highlight the good welcome I had from the beginning.

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