The importance of technical assistance in the safety, use and maintenance of leisure facilities

These are the keys to the safety of your leisure facilities through preventive maintenance

Leisure facilities only fulfill their function for entertainment and enjoyment if they are completely safe for users. This is why the regulations are strict in this regard, and include mandatory maintenance and inspections. But in addition, active surveillance of entertainment venues open to the public brings with it a long list of benefits. Among them, to avoid possible structural and safety problems and even the loss of the investment.

That is the reason why in Savia Proyectos we have the SAT service, a detailed attention to your leisure proposals in a way that guarantees security to your clients and maintains that security over time. In addition to preventing accidents and avoiding claims, this service extends the life of the installations.

How to optimize maintenance tasks

Preventive maintenance can be considered as an active surveillance of the structure, which allows detecting potential problems in advance. It is the best tool against early deterioration of the structure, and considerably reduces the costs of corrective maintenance, increasing the value of the investment and extending the useful life of the element.

In addition, this maintenance, if carried out with efficient document management and by qualified personnel, allows routine inspections to be performed, which helps us to comply with current regulations. This way we avoid possible negligence or liability.

Regulations require scheduled maintenance and a series of inspections. And preventive maintenance helps to schedule maintenance and to keep an eye on the equipment itself, allowing optimization, forecasting and action on any defect detected during preventive maintenance.

As it is a management with a series of milestones to control, the SAT service of Savia Proyectos has a list of proposed elements that works as a routine inspection, so that it complies with one of the regulatory routes. Doing so with efficient document management is key to avoiding liabilities.

This control provides information with which to distribute maintenance tasks, both preventive and corrective. This considerably reduces the costs of corrective actions because early detection of the problem reduces the consequences of the problem.

Another advantage is the control of quality and guarantees. A shortfall in maintenance, lack of documentation or failure to perform maintenance could result in a loss of warranties. This programmed follow-up guarantees the defense when it comes to claiming damages.

In addition, one of the objectives of preventive maintenance is to avoid dangerous situations. Savia Proyectos’ SAT service monitors potential dangers that may affect our users. Our expert vision allows us to detect obvious dangers, but also those that are not so obvious and could lead to risky situations, such as vandalism, structural instability or problems that are not visible to the naked eye.

A thorough control generates greater peace of mind, since preventive maintenance provides information and security. You can consult the different modalities of the SAT of Savia Proyectos on our website.

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