We talk about leadership with Almudena García, CEO of Savia Proyectos.

More than 17 years of work and involvement is what unites Almudena García with Savia Proyectos. Her career began in the hotel sector in the experience department, after five years she took the step to become an entrepreneurial woman founding her own animation company, and finally in 2006 she joined Savia Proyectos and became the great professional she is today.

At Savia Proyectos we believe that there is no better secret to be able to run a company successfully than to have known it from its beginnings and that is why in October 2022 we made the decision to trust Almudena García to be our new CEO.

Today, on Women’s Day, we took the opportunity to talk to her and find out what are the keys she has followed during her career:

1. In your experience, what qualities are most important for a leader and how do you cultivate them in yourself?

In my experience, I believe that the most important thing is to believe in the project. And then, if a leader believes in himself and transmits it in his day-to-day work, the rest of the workers in the company also perceive it. Enthusiasm, motivation and commitment are overused adjectives but they are real. For me, they are fundamental and I believe that from this point on, if you believe it is when you see that the objectives are achieved.


2. Can you tell us how important it is for you to take into account work-life balance at work?

I must say that it is true that SMEs do have a difference with respect to large companies, because in the end, we are one big family. My professional profile has always been closely linked to this type of company and this means that the people you work with are very close to you and you experience them as such. At Savia Proyectos we understand your needs as if they were also ours and we make your work in the company fit as much as possible with your personal life. Obviously there is a schedule and responsibilities, but we take into account each person’s situation to make it easier to reconcile work and personal life.


3. Where do you think society is in terms of the inclusion of women in positions such as yours?

New laws have recently been passed to force companies to review parity within their management committees. This is something that is starting to be imposed and that large companies should take into account. It should not be a question of gender, but of whether you are capable of assuming this type of responsibility, but the truth is that if it is not imposed, many companies may never take this type of measures.


4. Do you think this is the same situation in smaller companies?

I do not believe this is the case for Savia or for small SMEs. I am the clear example that there is no barrier whatsoever. I started with a job and in the end I managed to become a shareholder. But I do know that in larger companies there are sometimes obstacles due to the family status that a woman faces.


5. What advice would you give to young women interested in female business leadership?

The fundamental thing is self-confidence. As I mentioned earlier, leadership should not be a matter of gender. If you see yourself with the capacity and believe in yourself and your capabilities, you will break many frontiers. But above all, I want to encourage all those women who are clear about their goals to fight for them and to always look for solutions to problems.


6. Finally, looking back on your career, what achievements are you most proud of and what goals do you hope to achieve in the future?

I am very proud to have been part of Savia’s evolution. It started as a very small company with only three employees, including myself, and now there are 37 of us. With an international projection and objectives that already reach 2019 values. Entonces para mí es un gran orgullo haber formado parte de esta evolución y a partir de ahora el objetivo es poder proyectar la empresa y poder lograr los objetivos que nos hemos establecido a medio plazo.

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